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Little League Baseball® Incorporated
Bellevue Thunderbird Little League

Revision: 4/6/2004

1.All participants in Thunderbird Little League are expected to adhere to the Rules Of Little League Baseball And/Or Softball, and those Local Rules that have been established by the League Board Of Directors. No Manager, Coach, Player, or Umpire has the authority to suspend or revise any rule(s) without the specific directive of Little League International Headquarters, Regional and/or District personnel, or the Thunderbird Little League Board Of Directors.
2.All League personnel, managers, coaches, umpires, parents and any other interested parties are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or persons to the local law enforcement agency or to any Thunderbird Little League board member.
3.People that are engaging in behavior that disrupts or interferes with activities on the field or in the spectator area will be asked to leave. Per Little League rules, the umpire(s) may order both teams into their respective dugouts and suspend play until such time as League Officials deal with inappropriate behavior, and if necessary, suspend play until a later date.
4.All smokers, whether parents, visitors, umpires, managers, coaches, concessionaires, etc., shall not smoke on the grounds used by Thunderbird Little League. All managers, coaches, umpires and anyone else involved in game participation are specifically prohibited from smoking before, during, or immediately after any game on, or in the vicinity of the field, concession facility or spectator stands of Thunderbird Little League.
5.Any use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco on the playing field or in the dugouts is prohibited. Drinking of alcoholic beverages will not be allowed among spectators within the vicinity of any game at any division of LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALLģ, INC.
6.The use of abusive or profane language by anyone is prohibited.
7.Any member or player in the League found vandalizing, destroying, stealing, or damaging Thunderbird Little League property, or any facility operated by the League under any use agreement with any school District or municipal government entity, shall be immediately suspended from the League, pending a hearing before the Board of Directors of Thunderbird Little League. The penalties may be suspension or dismissal from the League and/or prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.
8.League documents, such as, but not limited to, League/Player rosters, schedules, draft information, official score books, player rankings, or financial records shall not be tampered with or manipulated in any fashion.
9.UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: (Including, but not limited to). No Board Member, Manager, Coach, Official, Player, Or Spectator Shall:
All managers, coaches, officials, players, parents, family members, spectators, and other participants in any and all Thunderbird Little League activities, as a condition of, and by their involvement in Thunderbird Little League, are required to adhere to the following:
 a.Be guilty of a physical attack upon a Board Member, Manager, Coach, Official, Player, or Spectator.
 b.At any time lay a hand upon, push, shove, strike, or threaten to strike an official.
 c.Speak publicly in a derogatory or abusive manner concerning any play, player, official, decision, or personal opinion during the course of any game or Thunderbird Little League activity.
 d.Speak disrespectfully to any Manager, Coach, Official, Player, or League Representative.
 e.Use unnecessarily rough playing tactics against the body of an opposing player.
 f.Object to any Manager, Coach, or Officialís decision by throwing of equipment, uniforms, etc. or any other forceful unsportsmanlike action.
 a.Bellevue Thunderbird League will absolutely not tolerate uncontrolled or unsportsmanlike conduct from managers, coaches, players or spectators. The umpires have the authority to suspend a game until an ejected coach or unruly fan vacates the field or spectator area.
 b.A player that is ejected from a game shall sit on the bench in full uniform for the remainder of the game and upon completion of the game shall be released to their parent(s) or guardian.

EXCEPTION: If a playerís parent(s) and/or guardian are present at the game, the player may be released to the parent and/or guardian before the gameís completion.

 c.When an adult manager, coach, or spectator is ejected from a game, they shall leave the field immediately and take no further part in that game. They must be well removed from the vicinity of their team's field.
 d.If the umpire ejects a player, manager, or coach from a game, they shall notify the League Umpire-In-Chief, who will notify the League President, who shall formally warn the individual.

Any manager, coach or player ejected from a game is suspended for their teamís next physically played game.

If a manager or coach is under suspension they shall not be allowed to attend the game.

If a player is under suspension they may attend the game, but cannot participate in any team activities, and cannot be wearing a team uniform. If a playerís parent or guardian is NOT present, the player must be seated in the team dugout.

 e.If a second ejection occurs during the same season, the individual shall be suspended for their teamís next physically played game, and be subject to appear before the Board Of Directors to determine their further participation in Bellevue Thunderbird Little League activities for that season.
 f.A third ejection in one season shall mean AUTOMATIC termination of participation in all Thunderbird Little League activities.
 g.If a parent or spectator is ejected from a ball game for whatever reason, twice in one season, that individual will not be allowed to attend any Thunderbird Little League activities for the remainder of the season.
 h.Any and all appeals shall be made to and will be heard by the Thunderbird Little League Board of Directors and the Boardís decision shall be final.

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